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DEATH IS THE ABSENCE OF GOD:  When we are hurting, lonely, depressed, attempting to escape the pain, and seeking approval of others, we are dying on the inside.  Tamara talks frankly about how to overcome this death and provides clear instruction on how to live an abundant life.

​THE POWER OF CHOICE: Taking responsibility over who and what we become despite our circumstances will determine our level of peace and joy in this life and the life to come. Tamara shares that the decision to pursue righteous and truth empowers us to victory.

THE ABUNDANCE OF GOD'S LOVE:  The depth of God's love is overwhelming. He longs to lavish us in His love and care. Tamara shares how she was pulled out of the depths of hell because of His love. 

ETERNAL REALITY: We live forever and our choices determine where we spend eternity. Tamara’s first-hand experience with death confirms that Jesus is the only way to eternal life. Knowing God exists is not enough.  You have to choose to live in right-standing and pursue a personal relationship with Him as His servant. Tamara educates us on the reality of eternity.

FAITH & HOPE: Giving a message of hope to those who are totally broken and captive to sin.  No matter how shattered you may be, God will step in and mend your soul if you simply open your heart to truth. Tamara shares how faith activates the hand of God.

​APPLYING GOD'S PROMISES TO OUR LIFE:  There are over 6000 promises in God's word. Tamara teaches the practical application of taking God's promises and applying it to everyday life.

​FORGIVENESS: Forgiveness is the key to wholeness and it opens the door to freedom.  Tamara focuses on scripture as proof that we are forgiven and that we must forgive in order to be made whole.



Tamara and her husband, Rodney Laroux, are the founders of Life Change International, an organization committed to sharing the un-compromised truth of the Gospel. Together, they have shared the truth of the Gospel in over 40 countries.  


Their ministry reaches millions in the United States and abroad with the power of God’s love.  

Their goal is to reach every heart for Christ -- one soul at a time!



Tamara loves to share with people of all ages how the power of God’s love can and will transform your life. She plainly states the truth and practical application of God’s Word to individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life.



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